30 min documentary

producer, director, writer, camera, editor, original music, post

Fogo Islanders have a vision. They are building a five star Inn on a rock at the edge of the world.  International chef Robert Bourassa arrives by ferry to participate in an experiment.  He also has a vision.

Robert Bourassa will collaborate with islander Paul Donahue (a master chef himself and soon to be managing chef of the Inn). They will study with two of the island’s great cooks, Margaret Decker and Phyllis Comden, learning how to create six traditional meals. Then they will transform these traditional meals into something that clients flying in from Paris or Rome or New York will recognize as haute cuisine.  The chefs will test their creations at a special dinner for 20 Fogo Islanders chosen for their discerning palates.

This task is not as easy as first imagined.  In fact, it turns out that the traditional meals created by Margaret and Phyllis are already exquisite, haute cuisine in their own right.  How do you improve on perfection?  In search of realizing his vision Robert gets a taste of the ineffable.  And Fogo Islanders get a taste of the unexpected power of their vision.


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